Monday, August 2, 2010

Shabby Chef Cookbook Launch

As amazing as the view over Melbourne from 88 floors up is, it's not really a good enough reason for Kara and I to get up at 5:30am and drive into the city.  Had we known what was in store I would have had no concerns.

I had entered my breakfast pizza recipe in the 'Shabby Chef' competition on Mix 101.1FM.  Hosts Brig and Lehmo were looking to fill a cookbook with simple recipes for Lehmo to make.  You can find my breakfast pizza recipe by clicking here.

I recieved a phonecall telling me that my recipe had been accepted, and that I had an invite to the launch, up on the 88th floor of the amazing Eureka building at Southbank.  Brig and Lehmo were doing a live show from way up there in the rarefied air, along with some special guests, including contestants Peter and Fiona from Masterchef.  Peter, Fiona and Danny McGinlay judged the dishes, which were cooked up by a chef.  I thought they did a great job of making the breakfast pizza look appetizing!  Some of the other dishes, especially the french toast, and christmas puddings looked very appetizing.

Turns out they liked the breakfast pizza, and we walked away with an amazing prize!  We had a good morning, and it was such a pity that we both had to go to work after this, especially while being on such a high.  Thanks to Brig and Lehmo and Mix 101.1 for a great morning and amazing prize.

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