Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the menu lately...

Roast Beef and Veg salad

This one is almost too easy - Roast whatever vegetables you like in a hot oven for around an our - I used carrot, parsnip, mushroom, zucchini, onions, garlic and shallots.  Before roasting toss them in salt, pepper and olive oil.  Sear in a hot pan a well seasoned piece of topside/virginian beef, and roast in the oven for around 25 minutes.  Allow to rest for around ten minutes before slicing, and serve with seeded mustard or mustard aioli.  Toss your cooked veg with some roquette and/or spinach leaves, and dress with olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  

Jamie Oliver's pulled pork and coleslaw

Click here for the recipe

Mexican shredded chicken salad on corn tortilla with refried beans

Simply poach a chicken breast in some water flavoured with lime juice, peppercorns, tabasco, and dried chillis.  Shred, and toss with chargrilled corn, avocado, cucumber and capsicum.  I dressed the salad with a lime juice and chilli vinegarette, and served it on a crunchy corn tortilla.  

Roast Beetroot Salad

Inspired by a special at work - roast beetroot, spinach, roquette, red onion, fennel, and dukkah coated fetta, dressed in a beetroot gastrique and topped with mint yoghurt. 

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