Friday, December 21, 2012

Fork to fork, garden to gob, or how I dug up my dinner

Below is the basis of last nights dinner, which had been dug from the garden not thirty minutes earlier. 

Creating, tending to, and reaping the benefits from our vegie garden has been so satisfying, and even therapeutic this year.  Doubly so, as it has actually been successful.  While it looks like a jungle, there is some kind of order, and (almost) everything appears to be thriving.  

We know that amongst the tangle of leaves, and lettuce and herbs that have bolted, heirloom tomatoes lurk; ripening slowly.

We know that if we brave the thorns of the raspberry canes, the rewards are there, multiplying every day. 

We also now know how corn grows.  What we mistakenly thought were the beginnings of corn, were actually the seeds.  

We now see where the corn is!

So the garden has also taught us a lot.  Who knew that seed potatoes would sprout and produce beautiful offspring, after being barely buried in the soil and covered in pea straw?  

Not me, although I did know once the plants above the ground started dying off, these dutch cream spuds were destined to become crunchy on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside, delicious chips!

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