Monday, January 14, 2013

Garlic, rosemary and orange pork cutlets

We made this great recipe by Karen Martini last night, which tasted amazing.  It packed a huge flavour punch, and it has reminded me to use oranges more to flavour dishes.  Too often I seem to reach for the lemons or limes, while forgetting about poor old oranges.  The orange flavour, combined with the ground fennel seeds seemed a lot richer and fuller than the usual lemon/fennel combination.  

While the pork was delicious, it was great to cook using so many ingredients from our own garden - the corn was a highlight, along with the potatoes I dug up, and the rosemary, 'foraged' from a park nearby!

I simply grilled the corn in it's husk on the weber, slathered it with aioli, and sprinkled with paprika and parmesan.  It's a kind of cheat's version of the corn served at Mamasita - recipe here.  It works well with haloumi or kefalograveria instead of the parmesan.  

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