Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ok, well I guess I had better give this blog a formal introduction! My name is Sam and I like to cook! (Just in case you hadn't guessed). I work in the hospitality industry, and have previously worked in quite a few kitchens.

I started this for a few reasons - mainly because it is a way to remember what I've cooked and how I have done it - but also because people are always asking me for recipes, so now I can just put them up on here!

Expect all sorts of other garbage to pop up, but mainly this will be devoted to all things food and drink. The things I cook at home (the delicious and the disasters!), and my experiences dining out.

The food I like is usually fairly simple, but big on flavour and freshness. I only follow recipes for desserts - for other dishes I will add ingredients or remove them, usually based on how I am feeling that day! I have no hard and fast recipes, usually whatever I cook requires 'a bit' of this, or 'a splash' of that!

I am not the biggest fan of wanky restaurant food (things like 'sphere-ified' food and other similar fads). That said, I will try anything! Don't expect haute-cuisine. Do expect lots of italian, spanish, greek foods, lots of meat and seafood, coffee, wine, beer, desserts hmmmm not sure what else but there will be more!

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