Friday, October 26, 2012

Obligatory yearly blog post

I am beginning to see a pattern emerge here.  After a year or so of posting quite regularly, it seems that every now and again (the last hiatus was twelve months) I seem to feel the need to give this overgrown and wild page it's yearly tidy up.  Don't get too excited though.  Now that we are running a fleet of children there is precious little time left in the day to be trying out new things in the kitchen; let alone writing about and photographing said kitchen creations.

Just so we're clear, and there is no presumption that I am getting ahead of myself, I'm not going to write about a recipe in this post.  Instead I will fill it with a few photos of things that have been created and consumed in this house lately.  Hopefully you will find the photographs vastly improved- I hope so anyway.  Much time has been spent on the early modules of a photography course; not to mention the coin spent on two upgrades of our camera in the meantime.

Should this post give me the impetus to move forward and actually keep posting on here, there is probably one change that I will make to the page.  Rather than let it wither away in the ether, it may take on a slightly new slant.  As the aforementioned fleet of children requires sustenance to fuel their daily exploring, rummaging and destroying, I may dedicate the odd post here and there to the creation of tasty food for the tribe.  That said, in no way will the number of posts regarding anything sugar or chocolate laden, grilled or deep-fried, or generally deliciously unhealthy be impacted.

Below: Sweet success with Macarons.  We used a Zumbo recipe, and they came out perfectly.  Obviously we may need to work on our piping skills....

Pork Belly, Raddiccio, Roquette 

Meatball and Mozarella sub

Mother's Day Croque Madame

A shot for one of my photography assignments

Beef cheek croustillant with sauce verte - recipe here

Mmmmm.... bread - fresh from the Weber

Slow cooked lamb with lentils and bacon crumbs.

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  1. Oh Sam, they are awesome photos and awesome food. Your oratory skills are great too and just want to read more and more. Well done.