Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dhaba at the Mill - Kyneton

Just go there.  No really, just do it.  It may be around an hour from Melbs, but it is so worth it!

The love affair started when my sister grabbed some take-away from there late last year (before you could actually dine in).  There had been a bit of a buzz about this place, but I was a bit skeptical - a good indian restaurant in Kyneton???  Man was I wrong, everything about this restaurant is spot on!  Rustic fitout (while still cosy), friendly, personal service, and great food.

I visited for about the third time last week, for yet another birthday dinner with the family.  The restaurant have a no bookings policy, however we got there about half past six and got a table without any problem.

We started with a samosa and the obligatory indian beer (steered clear of Kingfisher though).  The samosa had a perfectly crunchy outside, with some very tasty soft vegetables inside.

It's so hard to know which curry to order here, as it all sounds so good (and is so good)!  We had to go for the butter chicken - tender chicken pieces in the most amazing curry!  Beef Vindaloo and Lamb korma were also amazing, as was the lighter, but still tasty yellow dahl.  The dishes are fairly mild (for all you spice wimps out there) but you can order a spicier version if you like.  A highlight is the parantha (flat bread) which is delightfully soft, but at the same time has some blackened char-grilled areas and a great flavour from the grill.

I did not indulge in any wine that night, however the restaurant has a couple of great local wines on offer, as well as some indian beers and beers from the macedon ranges region.

To finish off a great meal, Jessi bought out a special dessert, after finding out it was my birthday!  The name escapes me now, however it was a small bowl of buckwheat noodles (cooked somewhat like rice pudding), topped with a little ball made from evaporated milk, and delicately spiced - delicious!  I think it may have been called gulab jamun.

I believe the menu changes quite often, if you go look out for the cardamom chicken curry which I had another time, it was fantastic!

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