Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Supper - for a while!

I just realised that we had on Friday night what will be the last roast dinner cooked by Dad before he goes overseas for a few months!  It was especially sad seeing as we never bother to cook roast meats at home, although luckily we do get to have them once a month or so at K's dad's house.  It just seems like too hard an option for the three of us (well really 2.5 considering one of us would only eat the vegies!)

There's nothing like digging into perfectly cooked roast pork, with beautiful, crispy crackling.  This meal was that good I didn't even reach for the apple sauce, and didn't let the gravy anywhere near the meat (potatoes only)!  It was honestly one of the best roasts I have ever had - made all the more impressive by the fact that when we were kids all I can remember Dad cooking was sausages!

Oh and yes, Dad we are sad you won't be here six for months, we'll miss you as well as your roasts!

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