Friday, May 7, 2010

Imperia pasta machine (and resulting mushrooms and fettucine)

Kara bought me a fantastic pasta machine for my birthday which was just what I wanted. We tried it out for the first time tonight and it worked beautifully!

When I unwrapped it, I thought that I must have been bad and that she had given me a housebrick or something because this thing weighs a ton! It feels so solidly made that I think I will have it forever! You would not want to drop this machine on your toe - the machine would be fine, but your toe, not so crash hot.

All you have to do is bolt it to the bench, plug the handle in, and voila - ready to make pasta.
For the dough I mixed 3 eggs with 30mL of olive oil, and 300g of pasta flour (a mix of durum semolina and strong flour) until it came together into a smooth dough. I let this rest for 15 minutes in glad wrap (in the fridge) and then started making pasta!

After rolling the pasta through the machine as per the instructions, and fiddling with the width between the rollers a bit, it was surprisingly easy to make fettucine with the attached pasta cutter. I really cannot believe how easy it is - goodbye san remo and barilla dried pasta forever! No more dried out lasagne sheets either from now on.

While the pasta was boiling in salted water, we gently cooked some sliced garlic in olive oil, and added a good couple of handfuls of sliced swiss brown mushrooms. I had wanted pine mushrooms, but every time I go to the black forest farm shop they have already sold out for the day! We sauteed these, added 1 tsp thyme and deglazed the pan with a glass of white wine. We let this cook off, and then served on top of the pasta, topped with grated parmigiano reggiano. All up the cooking process took about five minutes, and it was such a quick and tasty after work dinner.

Recipe inspired by Guy Gross on Food Safari Italian. - link to pasta machine manufacturer

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