Monday, July 12, 2010

Double Happiness

Great bar in Liverpool St, tucked away in the top end of Melbourne's CBD - yes it's almost impossible to spot, and yes it's in a laneway.  Seems to be a cliche in Melbourne.  However it's worth the effort for the funky vibe and unreal cocktails.

Try the Great Leap Forward - lychee vodka, mint, lime and ginger, topped with a lychee, served in a tall glass and decorated with a couple of chopsticks.   It was sublime.  Especially after the friendly barkeep jazzed it up with some extra freshly sliced ginger muddled with the lime, and finished with some tabasco sauce.  Zingy and refreshing.  Also try the Paper Tiger and the Mr Foo.  A note for the wary - too many of these and you too could end up with one of these on your kitchen bench on the morning.....

Double Happiness
21 Liverpool St

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