Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Palmerston Hotel, South Melbourne

We had a craving for a great parma, and headed towards the cty in search of parma nirvana. First of all we tried the Leveson in North Melbourne - no free tables.  Then The Mint on William street - private function.  So we had no choice but to check out a 'parmie at the Palmie'.

Walking in, I thought we had stepped into a time machine, or at least a parallel universe.  Here we were not ten metres away from ridiculously busy King street, yet it was like we had stepped into a pub that you would normally find about 100km north of Melbourne.  Everything about it, down to the friendly experienced staff reminded me of a country pub.

We started off with a few South Melbourne Market dimmies - I'm not sure what went wrong with them but I guess they had been sitting in the steamer for a while - they were very tough in the middle.  They were however still of course very tasty.

The parmas came out not long after that.  Did it satisfy my parma craving?  Almost.  The parma was huge, no complaint there.  It had good sauce, just enough cheese, and the requisite ham, so it ticked all those boxes.  However the underside was a tad soggy.  Overall, I guess it was pretty good.  I have had much worse chicken parmas.

The service was very quick and friendly, with full table service, including drinks.  Prices were reasonable, and the meals were a good size.  So would I go back for another parma?  Probably, however I am not in a great rush.

The Palmerston Hotel
42 Palmerston Cres
South Melbourne 3205

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