Monday, June 28, 2010

Baked Cheesecake - Raspberry and White Chocolate

As we hosted the fortnightly family dinner this weekend, and it was Sean's birthday this week, we made the requested birthday cake, which was baked cheesecake.

I had never made a baked cheesecake before, only 'death' cake (see photo here).  It turned out pretty well, except for a Grand Canyon sized crack that appeared while it was cooling in the oven.  I'm not too sure about why this happened, but after googling for apparent answers, I discovered that it's fairly common.  Maybe next time I'll try baking it in a water bath, although apparently it's not needed when you cool the cake down in the oven.  Anyway, it gave me an excuse to add even more unhealthy goodness to the cake.  This came in the form of a white chocolate and sour cream glaze, which filled in the cracks, and covered the surface of the cake.  I also finished it off with some raspberry coulis for good measure.

The cake went down extremely well with everyone, and I would definitely bake it again.  There is still half left in our fridge, however I am unsure as I feel about this, as I may just have to eat it!

The recipe was from - click here to go to their recipe

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