Monday, June 7, 2010


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about visiting the Hofbrauhaus, but the tales of huge pork knuckle and schnitzels got me there in the end.  Along with the thought of buxom blonde german beauties bringing 1 litre steins of beer to our table!  Sadly the last bit didn't happen, although there was an abundance of beer available.

Service was passable, with a lot of confusion and ummming and aahhing about whether we could get a table.  In the end we had to wait for about fifteen minutes - no big deal considering it gave us time to plan our orders while downing some of Germany's finest.

While very tempted by some of the more 'german' options, I couldn't go past a huge chicken schnitzel.  Tender chicken, fried evenly with a very fried crumb, it was a worthwhile choice.  But what made this dish really shine was the mash, and the homemade mayo that accompanied it.  There was also some kind of greenery but I can't remember what this was - I was too over-awed by the mayo and mash.  Starting with the mash - oh my god.  Best ever!  It must have been 45% potato, 45% butter, and 10% salt - it was amazing.  It was creamy, buttery, and salty, but it still tasted like potato.  And it didn't have that horrible gloopy consistency mash can take on when too much protein is added.  And the mayo!  I'm going to say it's one of the best I've ever had.  All in all it made it a meal to remember, lack of beer maids aside.

The atmosphere was a little lacking, and at first I thought we had stumbled upon one of those kind of places only tourists to Melbourne go to!  But then the band started up, and cheered everyone in the place up, and in general it got a bit rowdier.  I could imagine that after another hour, and another couple of beers people may have been up dancing, slapping their knees!  Maybe next time.  I will be back after all, if not for the schnitzel then for the mash and mayo!  Although it is a tough toss-up between the Hofbrau and Hutong dumpling bar next door!

24 Market Lane

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