Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heart attack sandwich

In what seems like an example of unhealthy oneupmanship, burger chain Friendlys in the states has released this monstrosity, similair in craziness to the KFC double-down burger, mentioned here last month.  The filling is fairly standard.  One burger patty, albeit a large one, and the usual trimmings of tomato, lettuce and mayo.  However the 'bun' for this burger is what sets it apart - instead of a roll sliced in two (or even two slices of bread), this thing has what I guess you would call a grilled cheese sandwich on both the top and the bottom!


And the stats - a whopping 97g of saturated fat and 2090mg of salt.  I was amused to find a statement on Friendly's website saying that they are committed to 'healthy dining options in every restaurant'.  Check out the 'Grilled cheese burgermelt' here.

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