Monday, June 7, 2010

Taco Bill South Melbourne

To all those people saying 'this isn't Mexican food' etc etc.... get over it!  I may not have been to Mexico (nor the southern states of the US for that matter) but then again I haven't been to China and I'm pretty sure the slop the dished up in most Chinese restaurants is not 'real Chinese' cuisine.  As far as I know, what you get at Taco Bill is more 'tex-mex' in style.  Anyway, let's talk about the experience instead.

Having been here a number of times, I have yet to been disappointed.  Several times the service has been questionable, but there seems to be never-ending parade of staff working here sporting 'trainee' badges.  One thing I have noticed is, the staff are always friendly.

Now, the food.  If you are after carb-loaded, meaty, cheesy goodness, this is your place.  Sizzling fajitas, which pretty much takes up one table by the time you get your sizzling cast iron plate full of beef or chicken, container of tortillas, and the sides of salsa, guacamole, cheese, sour cream and rice - are very tasty, and make for great theatre at the table - just don't touch the plate.

Usually I find it hard to go past Enchiladas Nuevo Mexico, and I indulged again on my latest visit.  It's three beef enchiladas, filled with slow-cooked, tender beef, and topped with a red enchilada sauce, loads of cheese, and a fried egg.  I find it hard to go past a dish with an un-expected egg, and this is no exception.  Although it's a lot to get through, considering you get a side of frijoles (beans) and rice, it's about one mouthful away from being too much.  We also started off with the Nachos Supreme, which are excellent.  Somehow their nachos don't get soggy, even right at the bottom of the plate.  A tip however - always get them to share as all the mains are quite large.

It's not haute cuisine, but if you're after a fun, relaxed place to go to start off your night, Taco Bill is a great choice.  The huge selection of margaritas, and decent selection of actual Mexican beers (Dos Equis, Tecate etc - not Coronas) should help your decision.

Taco Bill South Melbourne
375 Clarendon St
South Melbourne

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