Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is there anything better than cookies and cream ice-cream?

The answer - a resounding YES!  What could it be you ask?  Nothing other than a very close relative - cookie dough ice cream.  After making cookies and cream ice-cream (see the previous post) there was some extra dough left.  Rather than make lots of cookies that we probably wouldn't eat (we probably would but that's not the point) I put some of the leftover dough into the freezer.

Last night I microwaved this leftover dough for a minute or two, until it was just soft.  I then chopped it up into small chunks.  It tasted really good just out of the microwave by the way.  I whipped up a batch of standard vanilla ice cream, and when there was about 1 minute to go, I tipped in the cookie dough chunks (well what was left after I ate quite a few).

The results were fantastic.  I don't know why this tastes better when the cookies are un-cooked but it just does. The chocolatey chunks are softer, and are a little sweeter I think.  I know when I was a kid there was always something about licking the cake batter or something similair off a spoon when Mum was cooking, mabye it somehow harks back to this taste.

Anyway, no photo of this, see post below... it looks exactly the same!

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